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With Pix Perfect™ you can create eye-catching pixelated artwork by purchasing our Pix Perfect™ DIY "Starter Kit", selecting one of our artist featured designs, or uploading your own image.

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Whether you’re an art enthusiast, student or accomplished professional our "Do-It-Yourself" kits are a great way to unleash your inner artist in a whole new dimension. And the best part is once you have created your PixPerfect art piece you can proudly display it with pride just about anywhere.
- Jay, Pix Perfect Founder & Owner 

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As an artist, I am extremely thrilled about the endless possibilities that our exclusive technology can put forward. With our easy-to-use image pixelating technology, taking any of your favorite photos and turning them into eye-catching works of art has never been easier.
- Lisa, Pix Perfect Owner & Artist

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